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PMU Machine - Semi Intelligent

Liefertermin 19. Januar 2019

PM semi intelligent permanent makeup system

1.Newest intelligent light sensing touch button

2.High-definition mirror shell

3.Newest international USB cable

4.Newest needle length adjustment design. perfect to achieve the specified needle length

5. Adopt the high-performance magnetic rotary device, improving the stability and output of machine

PM semi intelligent permanent makeup system With "6S" Advantages :
1. Speed : The speed of the machine is powerful, 9000-13000 revolutions per minute, up to tattoo operational requirements. Using speed and intensity of the machine can be freely adjusted ornamentation division, the operation can be controlled.

2. Super Endurance : The world's most advanced SSP super power intelligent brushless motor, stamina is 3~5 times than the normal ornamentation machine. We suggest that the machine should have the two minutes break after working 30 minutes to continue, this method can improve the life of the machine.

3. Super Stability : Special lock pin design, ensure to clip the needle firmer and avoid flying phenomenon. In the condition of ensuring the safety of patrons, it can make out the thin eyebrows that the general pattern ornamentation machine can not reach.

4. Security : Automatic control of penetration depth of the skin, to avoid piercing the skin too deeply, so that beginners operate more freely. Resilient means when the resistance encountered inside the machine allows the machine stops, leaving the return to normal after the operation resistance surface, to protect the movement from damage.

5. Subwoofer : Low work machine noise, color fast, can reduce tension and customers’ pain. Let ornamentation divisions work more convenient and faster.

6. Scientific Intelligence : Ergonomic design body weight, compact, handy operation. Natural wear and tear have been set within the intelligent movement of data, to protect the life of the machine.

Product Name PM 
Function PMU and microblading
Speed level 10 speed
Handpiece one handpiece
Handle Material Stainless steel
Screen 7 inch LED color touch screen
Warranty 2years
Color White
Weight 2350g
Application Salon, beuaty clinic and home use
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