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UV - REFILL - ROSÈ - 10g.

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1. Slightly flexible (advantage that they do not burst/break even with very thin modeling)
2. They heat up easily in the lamp, only when used in larger quantities, the heat development is slightly stronger.
3. They can be used for both the setup and the refill and have a very good opacity
4. Due to the high opacity, these easy can be used for natural nail reinforcement or for construction with short length as well as for long nails, including modeling extreme shapes because they are side-stable
5. Can also be used for baby boomers
6. As an optimal base, we recommend Natural Base.
7. These refill gels are very easy to process with brushes 3105 or 3106, but have a consistency close to jelly gels and are processed with the lightbrush. In this way, they will get into shape very well and easily.
8. Very easy to file.

Curing time in the LED lamp - 60 sec.
Curing time in the UV lamp - 120 sec.

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